Posted July 14, 2012 by Mark Brassington in Comics

Y The Last Man and Ultimate Spiderman – Fan Made Movies

In the last week I have come across some amazing fan-made videos, based of popular comic books. This summer has been action packed with Avengers, Amazing Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises but these two have come as a very pleasant surprise.

Ultimate Spiderman directed by Wes Armstrong, starring Devin White as Miles Morales is more of a promotional piece which introduces the character and his powers. For those of you who don’t know Miles Morales – Marvel Comics has several different comic book lines which they publish outside of their main comic book titles which have been established going back 1939 (Marvel Comics #1 was published in 1939). In 2000 Marvel launched their Ultimate Comics line which has seen several major shake ups in the last 12 years including the death of Peter Parker and the introduction of Miles Morales who has been an extremely popular character. I have enjoyed the comic and this fan made video really paid well to the series. Really looking forward to seeing more.

Y: The Last Man was scripted and directed by Christian Cardona, starring Travis Quentin Young as Yorick Brown. Y-The Last Man is the tale of the last man and last male monkey on Earth, this fan made movie is based of the comic of the same name written by Brian K. Vaughan. The comic series last 60 issues and was published under DC Comics Vertigo arm. This was one of my favourite comic book series when it was out. Since Y: The Last Man finished I have heard many rumours of movies and television series, although I have always thought that it would make a perfect television series and would suit HBO. I take my hat off the people behind this 20 minute fan-made movie, although it’s not perfect it is as close to bloody brilliant as someone could get without a Hollywood budget. Spoiler moment – when you see the plane hit the water in the background I actually taken back. This was an amazing and really well made.

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