Posted October 6, 2017 by Stephen Hardman in Columns

World of Webcomics News: Web and Syndicated Comics collide for the first time in “Outnumbered”

On May 19th, Tom Bancroft, creator of the popular webcomic “Outnumbered,” (and former lead animator for Disney) and Greg Evans, creator of the syndicated comic strip “Luann”, allowed their characters to meet in a very special one-time event. In the first of three strips, Greg Evans’ title character Luann will be featured in an Outnumbered story introducing “Fred”—a friendly pug who will eventually join the Outnumbered cast as a continuing character.

The creation of Fred began as a benchmark goal on Tom Bancroft’s Patreon page. As contributions quickly built, Tom found himself inspired to reveal the new character in a unique and interesting way—by crossing the worlds of syndicated and web comics.

For the uninitiated, “OUTNUMBERED” is a “family” strip comic about a man lovingly enduring a home occupied by a wife and four daughters. Despite being “outnumbered” Mark wouldn’t have it any other way.

The world of Mark Crosby is actually Tom Bancroft’s world also. Happily juggling a life with a wife and four girls; Bancroft is an 11-year veteran of Disney animation. Over his career, Tom has animated major characters like Simba (THE LION KING), Pocahontas, and Mushu the dragon (MULAN). Having grown up with an early love of “Peanuts”, Bancroft has always “dreamed of creating a comic strip that had real characters that you could fall in love with and laugh out loud with: OUTNUMBERED is the result of that passion.

You can check out Outnumbered over at OutnumberedComic.com

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