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Brian Michael Bendis Leaves Marvel to Join DC Comics

The unthinkable has happened. Brian Michael Bendis has left Marvel to sign exclusively to DC Comics. Known for creating and working on popular characters such as Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Invincible Iron Man and Spiderman h...

Marvel Cinematic Universe to End with Phase 3?

Hotly anticipated at any comic con, movie release or just walking around is Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige to gather a scoop on the future of one of the most watched cinematic universes of all time. Like any connected u...

So, How About That ‘Spider-Woman #1′ Cover, Eh?

I didn’t even know who Jessica Drew was before this week. (Don’t be judgmental, I’m a DC fangirl.) To be honest, I still don’t know who she is; but it seems she’s got the most popular bum in all of comics at the moment. Remembe...