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Mark Brassington

Born and raised in London he now lives with his wife and daughter in Buckinghamshire, while working in the world of Commercial Banking. Having been a fan of almost everything geeky since birth it wasn’t until 14 years old that he walked into his first comic book shop and has been a fan of mainstream and independent comics ever since. He also is a big lover of American television, rock and indie music, while in his spare time he is busy writing and editing. His first book is in the editing stages. You can find out more about Mark here.



LITERARY EDITOR – Allison Burke 

Allison “Allie” Burke is a published novelist and editor who enjoys Weird Things like reading six YA novels in a day, drinking coffee at all the wrong times, and rambling on about Things No One Has Ever Heard Of to people who are not really listening. She loves vampires – but only on TV, not in books (except that one time) – and expresses herself using the F-word more in a day than is acceptable in any human being’s lifetime. She often Capitalizes Things That Are Not Technically Supposed To Be Capitalized, like that one girl from that one book. Her favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars, and she is terrified of Good Books Being Turned Into Movies That Suck.


Scorna Lott

Scorna Lott is a writer and illustrator from a small slightly suspicious village in the South East of England. She writes fairytales for grown-ups and obsesses over folklore and dead languages in her spare time. Scorna works in a museum and is studying English with Creative Writing at Goldsmiths. Her life’s ambition is to renounce civilisation in pursuit of a career as a wild woman in Scandinavia.


Kathleen S. Allen

She is an urban faerie born without wings but she flies on the wings of imagination tethered to this mortal coil. Moonlight sustains her and sunlight devours her. Stars swim in her eyes and her soul bleeds on a daily basis. She is a writer.

Kathleen has been writing since she was eight years old. Okay, she hand copied her poems onto plain white paper, paper punched three holes in the sides and threaded red ribbon through the holes and tied it with a bow. Ta Dah! Her first book. She writes in different genres but YA is her favourite. Find her books on Amazon.com, they are available in print and as EBooks. Find her book trailers on You Tube.



Stephen Hardman

Born in Preston, Lancashire in the North of England and now living in North Somerset he works for a law firm during the day. His interest in comics started at an early age by reading the cartoons in weekend newspapers – a particular favourite being Calvin & Hobbes. His interest grew when he discovered Batman, and the character remains one of his favourites to this day. He also loves crime and noir  fiction, and American TV series. Writing and blogging takes up much of his spare time and he hopes to one day publish his long-gestating crime novel. You can find out more about Stephen here.


Jo Lewis

Jo Lewis, a PhD Student researching the role VGF and its derived peptides in the regulation of energy balance, hails from North Wales but now resides in Warwickshire and has been an avid consumer of
comics for nigh on two decades. When not studying or reading comics, you’ll often find him walking, with his girlfriend, Miranda, and dog, Kowski or on a squash court.


Christopher Romero

Teacher by day, hero by night, Chris’ superpowers include holding his breath under water for ten solid seconds and unjamming a photocopier machine at work. You can find him at the comic shop every Wednesday afternoon, looking for what Geeks Unleashed readers should be adding to their list. Check out Chris’ weekly comic review column, ComicBurst, for the latest reviews of today’s hottest titles.


Stephen Fox

Stephen Fox has worked as a freelance illustrator and writer since he was sixteen. His work has been published by Dream Pod 9, Palladium, Mongoose Games and others. Currently Stephen publishes his own comics and books under Fox Storytelling, and writes exclusively for Geeks Unleashed.



Hazel Brown

Hazel was born in Thailand, where she lived for three years before moving to Hackney, London and finally Hertfordshire. Brought up in a busy household with three brothers, her earliest memories are of playing games like “Mario Party” and “Worms Armageddon” alongside them. This has given her a passion for games and she one day hopes to create some of her own! If she had it her way, Hazel would happily spend the rest of her days drawing robots, occasionally stopping to sleep or eat…


Thomas Jamieson 

Thomas is an IT monkey by day and geek extraordinaire by night. His main areas of expertise are video games and movies, though he has been known to dabble in writing about TV and board games from time to time. He has been playing games regularly since he was old enough to hold a joy stick. His first console was an Atari 2600 and he has owned at least one console in every home and portable generation since. Thomas has been writing regularly about games for the last year with articles appearing on a handful of sites and hopes that one day he will be good enough to be paid for his writing and can leave the world of IT monkeys behind.


Geek Fashion

Stephanie Robinson

Stephanie is an unusual combination of writer and park ranger.  Her geekery resides in her obsession for gaming, graphic novels and cult movies. Her poetry and articles have been published in like likes of Great Works and Writers Inc. Magazine. She has a passion for alternative fashion and is a self-confessed haircolouraholic.



David Ratcliffe 

David has an undergraduate degree in Drama and first showed symptoms of a mind blown by cinema after watching The Godfather too many years ago to remember. He enjoys binge watching TV shows because that is the only way to watch them, right? The West Wing, The Sopranos and The Wire rank among his favourites of all time; the list could go on but changes the more he watches. He has gradually become less picky in his viewing habits over the last five years and now watches and enjoys a variety of different genres, just do not ask him to watch a musical. He will not watch it. Books, comics and games are also enjoyed in different moods. Finishing that novel is a life ambition.


Corey Richards

Born in Northampton, at a young age Corey found he had a fixation with film, games and TV while living under the influence of two brothers who steered him towards these marvellous worlds. Since then he has meandered through school and 6th form to find himself at the end of the world in Penryn, Cornwall studying Journalism at Falmouth University. If he isn’t watching films or AMC TV shows, you will find him lounging around at University writing as often he can, hoping that one day he can find himself writing professionally.


Becky Hall

Becky is a leaf on the wind… a Marvel girl at heart who has several minor obsessions with writing, cookies, dogs, cookies, Joss Whedon, cookies, peanut butter and making casual references to movies and TV shows to people who have no clue what she’s talking about. When Becky is not writing, she is living her double life as a top secret ninja agent for an obscure branch of a supernatural intelligence agency. Oh dammit, now she’s going to have to kill you all. Woops. My bad!



Olga Polomoshnova

Moscow-based music writer and journalist Olga has been interested in everything music related since childhood. Having gone through several changes in her music tastes, she’s finally found her real passion in rock music varying from the innocence of indie rock and to the brutality of hardcore. When the passion for music met with the passion for writing, Olga started her way in the music journalism. Most of the evening you’ll find her either at numerous gigs that take place in Moscow, or at (surprise, surprise) ice hockey matches! Her other interests include fashion, figure skating, books and travelling.



Katelyn Barnes

Katelyn Barnes is a fast-talking, karaoke-loving, geek of all trades. If she isn’t belting out the best of Foreigner, then she’s got her nose in a book. She often does both at once. She is also a true devotee of all things geeky in television. It began, long ago, with Buffy, and now encompasses the best sci-fi and fantasy shows television has to offer. Born in New England and raised in the American Midwest, Katelyn has earned degrees in English and History. She spends much of her time writing and traveling to as many new places as she possibly can.

Karen Booth

Writer of reviews and indignant customer service diatribes, TV critic, Comic-Con enthusiast, technology geek. Overflowing DVR. Deep South roots, living in Northern California.


Jasmin Mo

Jasmin once placed third in a campus wide speech tournament while at UT Austin. Her topic of choice was J.R.R. Tolkien, and yes, she spoke Sindarin in front of an auditorium full of people. Lover of action flicks, reader of comics, watcher of DC animation (“Batman: The Animated Series” is the greatest cartoon ever made, PERIOD), and wearer of geeky apparel. Twitter is where she turns to commune with fellow geeks. When not correcting people for improper usage of Terminator models, she’s most likely watching sports. You can find out more about Jasmin here.


Georgie Sampson 

Born in Norfolk (with the correct amount of fingers and toes), Georgie has had a love affair with Doctor Who since she can remember. The whole Sci-Fi and fantasy genre has become a happy home over the years with a special mention to Middle Earth, Westeros and the USS Enterprise. Georgie now lives in and works in London at a generic desk job.


Randy Dankievitch

Currently living in Portland, Maine, Randy started writing about television and games in 2010. These days, he writes for Processed Media, Sound on Sight, Geeks Unleashed, TVOvermind, SLUG Magazine, and Games Reviews.


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