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SDCC 2014: Aspen Comics News!

The Aspen Comics panel was buzzing this weekend at Comic Con International in San Diego. Here’s a quick run-down of the publisher’s announcements.

Aspen Comics’ President Frank Mastromauro  debuted Damsels in Excess, written by company Vice President and Director of Design and Production Vince Hernandez.

Drawn by Mirka Andolfo, Damsels in Excess will tell the story of a world in which all men have become extinct, leaving five princesses battling for rule over their kingdoms.

Writer and artist Siya Oum announced the follow-up to the currently running series, Siya Oum’s Lola, which will be titled Lola: Wasteland Madam. Creators Oum and Hernandez will team up on the project, which will be released before Lola Vol.2.

Jirni writer J.T. Krul announced the second volume to his series in which leading-lady and badass Jirni will continue her voyage throughout a dangerous world of fantasy.

Co-owner Peter Steigerwald showcased a variant cover for his newest title, The Zoo Hunters. Mastromauro stated, “This book is going to look like nothing on the shelf.”

Aspen also has plans to release sourcebooks for its flagship book Fathom, as well as for Soulfire, and Executive Assistant Iris.”

Fans of David Wohl’s 2013 Legend of the Shadow Clan will be pleased to see the release of Legend of the Shadow Clan Vol.2 in early 2015.

A sequel series to Shrugged is also slated to follow the currently running Shrugged Vol.2.

Mastromauro plans to debut a new series titled Awaken Skies next year.

Writer Scott Lobdell wrapped up the panel with an announcement that the publisher will be cooking up a “team-up” series featuring characters from across the Aspen universe.

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