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REVIEW: The Flash – S01E14 – Fallout

Episode: 1.14 – Fallout
Writers: Keto Shimizu, Ben Sokolowski
Director: Steve Surjik
Air Date: February 17, 2015

We finally get the Harrison Wells reveal we’ve been waiting for! Or did we? [Spoilers ahead!!!]

© CW

© CW

Could the DC TV Universe be expanding again? The Firestorm arc that’s played out on The Flash leaves so many stones unturned, which certainly hints at our questions being answered in another spin-off. I’ll try not to get my hopes up, but that is becoming increasingly more difficult as this season progresses.

After the explosion in last week’s “Nuclear Man,” Barry and Caitlin try to outrun the blast. They did, sort of; and if you’re wondering how they outran nuclear radiation, they didn’t because there was none. Good on the writers for sneaking that one “clarifying” line into the dialogue. Upon their return to what is now a crater, they find both Ronnie and Stein, alive and separate. Thank goodness for that quantum splicer!

Happy to be rid of each other, they go their separate ways. But their peace is short-lived when they realize they are still connected on a molecular level. Harrison offers to help, but turns Stein over to General Eiling instead. Yes, the overzealous super-soldier builder returns, and he’s got a few new toys to battle metahumans. Barry gets caught in one of his snares as he saves Ronnie from being captured; and later, Ronnie and Stein are incapacitated due to an ion device.

© CW

© CW

Even though Eiling is a recurring villain, his appearance feels much less villain-of-the-week. There is a lot going on in “Fallout;” from Barry learning that he (will eventually be able to) time travel, to Iris will begin spying on her friends to figure out what’s really going on at S.T.A.R. Labs, to Caitlin and Ronnie’s love story. Despite all the moving parts, we’re still given a cohesive episode.

Wells manages to insert himself, as both hero and villain, into just about everything that is happening in The Flash. His ability to play both sides of the coin is what makes him so intriguing. Because we don’t know who he is, we have no idea what his motives are. How can one character be so awesome and nerve-wracking all at the same time?! Did Wells give Stein to Eiling so that Ronnie would try to save him, thus bringing the Firestorm Matrix together again? What part does Firestorm play in that future Wells fights so hard to keep intact?

© CW

© CW

Still mum with answers to our burning questions, all the while dropping breadcrumbs to other potential DC appearances? Does the mention of Coast City mean we could be getting a Green Lantern? (I’d love to see John Stewart, but Coast City suggests Hal Jordan.) Could the Midway reference have anything to do with Hawkgirl and Hawkman? What’s going to happen with Ronnie and Martin get to Pittsburgh?

Late last year, there had been rumors that there would be a TV movie with Flash and Green Lantern. No idea yet as to whether or not DC plans to have TV fill in the Justice League gaps that don’t make the film cut, but let’s all feel free to speculate!

At any rate, The Flash is every bit as entertaining as we were promised. Secrets are compounding and rifts are growing as we race toward finding out exactly how Harrison Wells plays into all of this. We see him in the yellow suit at the end, but is he REALLY Reverse Flash? I’m not ready to give up on the idea that he’s future Barry.

Rating: 8.5/10

Is it unfair to bump the rating because of the last few minutes? But we FINALLY got to see Wells in the yellow suit as he grabs Eiling! However, before we have time to catch our breath from that reveal, we hear a voice off camera say, “Not God, Grodd,” just before Eiling is dragged away by none-other than Gorilla Grodd himself.

Unfortunately, fans have 4 weeks to cool their jets as The Flash won’t return with a new episode until March 17th. It gives us plenty of time to contemplate all the Eater eggs that have been dropped so far.

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