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REVIEW: Tease (Songs of Submission, #2) by C.D. Reiss

Tease (Songs of Submission, #2)
C.D. Reiss
Erotica: BDSM
118 Pages
24 February 2013, Independent

Though my rating is overall the same, I enjoyed Tease more than I did Beg, the first book of this series. As I did with my review of the first book, I should again say that I’m not an erotica reader. I’m more a fan of creative, sexy storytelling.

I do love this series, though. I love that I can relate to all of the geographical references in the novellas–having been born and raised in Los Angeles–because I feel like that LA is underwritten in this genre.

With artistic intensity, the author captures the essence of a musician’s core. But you don’t have to be a musician to understand this; you just have to truly love music. The music that Monica makes destroys and frees her all at the same time; that soul-crushing intensity melting with her (supposedly) sexual relationship with Jonathan is a passionate burn, and it creates this firework of a feeling inside you that makes you want to run ten miles.

The length of the novella is perfect because, as quick as Monica and Jonathan’s lives run from day to day, is as fast as you are done with each novella, leaving you begging for the next title. Outside of the gorgeous writing, I wasn’t as impressed with the first book as respected readers promised I would be, but I thought the chemistry, the excitement, the pain was all there in Tease.

Honestly, I thought I was in for a serious DNF when the first lines of Tease opened up to what bugged me most about the first book–the overly talky sex scenes–but it worked out for the best (spoilers). Unfortunately, as with the first book, the ending got to me, but this time it was more due to dumb choices/emotional response of our protagonist than anything.

In any case, Tease left me breathless, and, had I had wifi when I finished it, I would have been lost in book three immediately. Needless to say, I have it now, and I’ll be reading it very soon. What people say about these novellas getting better and better is absolutely true. We can attribute that to the character development that happens as we move along.

Reiss’ writing is gorgeous, and these books are unique enough to stand out of the erotica crowd. The literary value is worth it even if, like me, you’re not an erotica reader.

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