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Review: Tag by Shari Ryan

Shari Ryan
Romantic Suspense
7 November 2014 by Booktrope Editions

Another beautiful piece of art from Shari Ryan.

I am a grand fan of this author, starting with her Schasm series, for her gorgeous pen and her suspenseful style in the romance genre. Tag delivers on all fronts, and then some.

The novel’s opening gives the reader no time to catch up, and never lets up from there. Like all of Ryan’s novels, the tension is artfully crafted, leaving a burn of anticipation at the edge of every chapter. Falling into Tango and Cali’s dark story is as easy as breathing.

Ryan is a superb storyteller and existence-weaver, and her presence thus far in the NA genre has been refreshing and exciting. I can’t wait for her next title.

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