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REVIEW: Runaways S01E04 – Fifteen

Episode: S01E04 – Fifteen
Air Date: 28 November 2017
Executive Producer: Rodney Barnes, Brian K. Vaughn
Created by: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage
Starring: Rhenzy, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Ever Carradine, James Marsters, Brigid Brannagh, Kevin Weisman, Brittany Ishibashi, James Yaegashi, DeVaughn Nixon

The fourth episode of Runaways, “Fifteen” forces our characters to confront some painful realities, their fears, and the loss of their dreams. It’s a pretty dark episode, and a slow one, focused more on build-up than forward motion, but it still makes for a compelling watch, and even a shocking one at times.

We open on another flashback, Amy’s overdose. Nico walks in on her sister, lying still in her bed with a bottle of pills nearby. Terrified, she calls for her mom and Tina and Robert come running, only to lock Nico in her own room, lock down the house, and call in a strange man. When Nico tries to call 911, her mother fries the phone and knocks her out with the Staff of One.

Nico - Runaways - Fifteen

© Greg Lewis/Hulu

It isn’t a surprise then that in the present, Nico wants to go to the police. She wants to tell the police about Destiny’s murder, and Amy’s. Nico remembers that Amy’s death was on the night of a Pride meeting and, after reading her sister’s cheerful diary, is convinced that Amy was another victim of Pride. She wants Alex to go with her, but he thinks their parents are way too connected in this town and if they did report to the police, it would only spell trouble for them, especially since he just found stacks of money, fake passports, and a gun hidden in his father’s desk. Nico isn’t pleased.

Gert and Karolina, on the other hand, cling to the idea that their parents might be innocent. Karolina is struggling with the rumors going around school about her and the lacrosse players who attempted to rape her. Her mother’s innocence seems to be her imagined safe haven. Gert, on the other hand, thinks her parents have too much going on, a dinosaur for one, to be truly guilty of murder. They decide to investigate Leslie’s office. There, they find a set of fifteen encrypted files on Leslie’s computer. Unable to break the encryption, they copy and send them off to Alex, certain he can do it.

Chase can no longer deal with being on a sports team with attempted rapists, and after getting into another fist fight with them, quits the team.Then, he goes and tells Karolina the truth. While I think he should have told her immediately, she’s pleased, and they share an oddly romantic moment as she reveals her “Rainbow Brite” abilities to him. Now, he’s decided to concentrate on his newest invention, a robotic hand that could protect him, from well, his father.

Chase and Karolina - Runaways - Fifteen

© Greg Lewis/Hulu

And it’s a good thing, too, because Victor is currently driving a white van with a beaten, bloody, and tied up woman in the back, to act as the Pride’s newest sacrifice. Or, at least, Victor thinks he is. When he pulls up to the Wilder’s house, where Geoffrey and Robert are waiting, there’s no woman in the back. He hallucinated it all. At the subsequent emergency Pride meeting, one which the Yorkes avoid, for they are out hunting their dinosaur, Tina decides Robert and Victor will hunt for a sacrifice. Leslie is adamant they get one quickly, the masked man in her meditation room needs that sacrifice now.

Oh, and speaking of that masked man in her meditation room? I don’t think he’s Leslie’s father. Noticing that he’s suffering, Leslie strips and gets into the bed with him. And then, um, his groin area begins to glow. God, I hope he’s her first husband. Afterwards, as Leslie is leaving the room, she finds Frank waiting for her. After waving away Frank’s fears of an affair (…sure), Leslie offers him his prize, a chance to go Ultra. Frank is overjoyed. Leslie is vaguely threatening. I wonder if she’s decided Frank is a useful backup sacrifice?

Alex - Runaways - Fifteen

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While Robert and Vincent search for a victim among L.A.’s homeless and get caught by the cops, Nico arrives at the police station, ready to report her parents. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and finds Alex standing by her. They try to report the murders, but they are blown off pretty quickly, and it isn’t long before Victor and Robert are brought in in handcuffs, only to be let go by the lead detective, the same man, Nico realizes, who came to her house the night Amy died. The Pride have the cops on their payroll. It isn’t safe. Nico and Alex take off, take refuge in a coffee shop and start to decode Leslie’s files.

What are those files? Oh, just the records of fifteen homeless youths-cum-Church members who are now mysteriously missing. Nico and Alex digest the truth. Then, Nico calls Karolina and tells her, our parents are serial killers, and your mother and her church are the lure for victims. Karolina listens, devastated. And then, Alex is kidnapped right outside the coffee house. There’s just, like, so much going on.

Molly and Gert - Runaways - Fifteen

© Greg Lewis/Hulu

And lastly, the Yorkes are having a bad, bad day. They can’t find their dinosaur and when they decide to run from the Pride, now, as soon as they can get Gert and Molly in the car, the come home only to find Tina waiting for them. She knows about the secret house in the Yucatan, the money transfers, and she knows that they know they can’t escape. They do find the dinosaur though, snuggling with Gert and Molly in the hallway. So, that’s something.

I really hope something goes seriously wrong for the Pride next week. They have it way too easy, and I hate being told over and over that murder is necessary. Fingers crossed?

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