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REVIEW: Runaways S01E03 – Destiny

Episode: S01E03 – Destiny
Air Date: 21, November 2017
Executive Producer: Rodney Barnes, Brian K. Vaughn
Created by: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage
Starring: Rhenzy, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Annie Wersching, Kip Pardue, Ever Carradine, James Marsters, Brigid Brannagh, Kevin Weisman, Brittany Ishibashi, James Yaegashi, DeVaughn Nixon

Ah, Runaways. You are my new favorite show. From your pacing of the mystery, to the development of the characters and their twisted relationships, to the magic snow and shy dinosaur, you are very near the best thing on TV right now. In “Destiny”, Runaways’ third episode, the story doesn’t move forward much, but that doesn’t matter, because our characters and their histories are fascinating enough.

The episode opens on a flashback to the funeral of Molly’s parents, Gene and Alice, ten years back. The kids are subdued. Molly, with a cast on her leg, is almost peaceful, but the Pride is nervous. Geoffrey has noticed a burn on Tina’s arm and confronts Robert about it. What was she doing at the site of the fire? Dale and Stacey are obviously consumed with guilt. At the funeral, Stacey hugs Molly and whispers, “sorry,” and later, when they offer to adopt Molly, they do so with an almost manic desperation. Yorkes, what did you do?

Alex and Karolina - Runaways - Destiny

© Paul Sarkis/Hulu

In the present, the kids meet up at the beach. They don’t know exactly what next when Karolina comes running across the sand, her phone in hand. It seems Destiny is on a church sponsored mission trip to London. It’s all over social media. Crappy doctored picture and all. Karolina is eager to cling to this as truth, but everyone knows it’s time to play detective. Alex will explore the sacrifice chamber; Nico will explore her mother’s office and the [what Wikipedia tells me is called] the Staff of One; Karolina will explore the church; and Chase and Gert will explore their parents’ respective labs. Molly reminds them to be careful of the monster in the Yorkes’ basement. “LOL, what monster?” is the response.

Meanwhile, Tina and Robert surprise Stacey and Dale at their bio-engineering firm. With the success of the Yorkes’ newest serum, Tina and Robert are here to bankroll more of their work! Dale and Stacey aren’t exactly happy about this. More money from Tina and Robert means more ties to Pride and they are more than ready to get out. But they smile and accept and the Minorus are pleased. So pleased, in fact, that Tina suggests she and Robert go on a date. Robert drags his feet. He says it’s been a long time, but I think he’s Janet’s mysterious lover.

Speaking of Janet, she just walked in on Victor having a hallucination of a grey and wet Destiny. So, that’s gotta be fun for her.

The Wilders are bent over the mysterious pin-not-barrette Geoffrey found in his office. Katherine recognizes it as Molly’s and immediately pulls out a case of truth serum guns? Is this what the Minorus are bankrolling the Yorkes for? Dang, you guys are like, evil-evil, huh? Geoffrey protests that that stuff can really mess you up. The last guy they used it on was never the same! Catherine has no such compunction and heads out to find the girl.

She finds her pretty quickly, actually. Molly is minding her own business at a cafe when Catherine comes up with the pin. Molly immediately recognizes the danger she’s in and escapes to the bathroom. There, she uses her fear to spark her super strength and rips a toilet from its base. While Catherine pounds on the door, Molly stands on the toilet under a barred window and tears that thing right from its frame. She slithers out the window but passes out three steps into her escape. Catherine finds her there and into her car they go. When Molly wakes, Catherine is ready to stab her with her hidden truth serum gun, but Molly comes up with a lie (she was sent by the other kids to break into Geoffrey’s liquor cabinet) that, mixed with some preteen angst, is enough to convince Catherine. Good job, Molly!

Nico - Destiny - Runaways

© Paul Sarkis/Hulu

Having convinced her parents to go on a (wildly unsuccessful) date, Nico breaks into her mother’s office. She tries and tries to free the Staff of One from its case on the wall, but can’t seem to manage it until she opens a stuck door in her mother’s desk with Amy’s diary in it. When she takes out the Staff, it immediately stabs her in the finger, for blood, I’d guess, and it starts glowing. Pleased, Nico goes back to the desk to look at the diary. In it, she finds one of Amy’s paper snowflakes and as she smiles at a memory, a flurry of snowflakes begins to fall from the ceiling. Uhhhh… time to call Alex for help?

Good thing she does, though, because Alex is having no luck with his own investigation. Just as he opens the secret passage in his father’s office, Geoffrey comes home and wants to know if he wants to go out to dinner. It’s a close call, and Alex is more than happy to escape.

Only to find Nico in a panic, in an office, filled with snow. The Staff is magic, she says! It knows I was thinking of snow! Alex wants to try it, but the minute he picks it up, the Staff shuts down and the snow stops. It’s a Staff of One, you see. The two are quick to sweep up the snow and put on a (fake?????) make-out session for Tina, who comes home early from her no good, very bad date.

Where’s Robert? Oh, he’s just sleeping with Janet, in the loft he bought for the two of them as a surprise. I knew it! I’d like the record to show that I knew it.

Gert and Chase - Destiny - Runaways

© Paul Sarkis/Hulu

While Karolina tries to convince herself that Destiny really did go on a mission trip to London, by wandering aimlessly around the halls of her mother’s wing of the church, Gert and Chase explore the labs. First Victor’s, where they find X-Ray glasses and the murder coffin, but no Destiny, and then the Yorkes lab, where they think Destiny may be the “monster” test subject behind the metal door. When they find they cannot see through the door with the X-Ray glasses, Chase wrenches it open and the dinosaur escapes! Gert is terrified and starts babbling to herself, but rather than the attack the kids, the dinosaur stops, and then shyly bows his head. “He’s listening to you,” Chase says. And now, I want a pet dinosaur. The dinosaur panics then, and takes off.

I wonder for a second if this means the Pride will have to chase the poor thing down, when we cut to a scene of Leslie, leaning over her masked father. It seems Destiny’ infusions aren’t taking. And then she gets a call from Tina. “Turn on your TV,” says Tina. Leslie does.

Destiny’s body has just washed up on the beach and it’s all over the news. Time for another sacrifice, says Leslie. Oh no, says I.

Seriously, what is the Pride’s plan, here? Why do they need to bring Leslie’s father back enough that they need teen runaways as sacrifices? What’s up with the Staff of One? What’s up with the dinosaur? Oh my god, Runaways! I have so many questions!

Runaways airs Tuesdays on Hulu.

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