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REVIEW: The Punisher S01E11 – Danger Close

Episode: S01E11 – Danger Close
Directed By: Kevin Hooks
Streaming Available: November 17, 2017
Created By: Steve Lightfoot
Based on Characters By: Gerry Conway, John Romita, Sr., Ross Andru
Starring: Jon Bernthal, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah, Paul Schulze, Jason R. Moore, Michael Nathanson, Daniel Webber, Jamie Ray Newman, Deborah Ann Woll

“Danger Close” is an excellent follow up to “Virtue of the Vicious.” With the Lewis story arc officially (and permanently) ended, the series is free of distraction and enters the home stretch with a singular focus. The Punisher is full steam ahead from here, and I couldn’t be more ready.

Bleeding Frank - Danger Close - The Punisher

© Nicole Rivelli /Netflix

This episode opens with Frank and Micro at each other’s throats over David going to see Madani without Frank. Granted, Castle was otherwise occupied tried to stop Lewis from killing Karen… Each man has their own reasons for their actions in the previous episodes; which makes their bickering at the beginning of “Danger Close” feel trivial. Surely there are instances earlier in the season, but Frank comes off as petty in his anger at David and Madani.

All the petty is quickly tossed aside when the pair realizes something is not right at David’s home. While they were bickering, they missed the part where David’s family is kidnapped. Once they catch the fight, they both spring into action. This immediate response is what makes them so great as a team. Nothing else matters. These moments are when they are at their best. It also shows how David is more like Frank than he would care to admit. Again, it’s their singular focus that makes them so dangerous together.

They see that Leo was not taken with Sarah and Zach, and Frank knows they must split up. It is time for David to step up and go and save his daughter while Frank lays a trap to do what he does best. “Danger Close” allows each to show their tactical prowess. On the surface, Frank comes off as nothing more than a jarhead, but he’s a master tactician. With the home field advantage, he is able to take down the strike team that comes for him.

Frank Castle - Danger Close - The Punisher

© Nicole Rivelli /Netflix

There is no mercy, no quarter, as Frank decimates Billy’s crew. It is abundantly clear that not only is Frank good at killing, he enjoys it. The Punisher lives in the morally grey area. It is impossible to glean any enjoyment from this series if a viewer can only see things in black and white or right and wrong. “Danger Close” gives us a man who only sees the world in a “by any means necessary” light. Bad guy, good guy are irrelevant descriptors at this point in the series.

Leo’s reunion with her father is enough to get the tear ducts working. From the beginning, we’ve known she is the strongest in the Lieberman family. She’s smart, brave, and allows herself to be open to a difference of opinion. There’s no question why Frank sees so much of his own family in David’s. Even if folks disagree with Frank’s methods, how can they argue with his motives?

© Nicole Rivelli /Netflix

After episode 10, Billy has absolutely no where to hide. His buddy, Rawlins, is ready to throw him under the bus for the greater good. It’s hard to tell if the new Deputy Director of the CIA, Marion James (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), is as dirty as Agent Orange. She wants to bring him into the fold of her new reign, but is furious when he comes clean about Castle. Is she going to help Madani, or is she just another casualty? With Billy backed into a corner, I don’t trust this trade one bit. Can there be an even exchange of Sarah and Zach for Frank and David? Not a chance, but it should be fun to watch it all fall apart.

The Punisher is now available on Netflix.

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