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REVIEW – Intruders S01E08, “There is No End”

Episode: 1.08 – There is No End
Starring: John Simm, James Frain, Millie Brown, Tory Kittles and Mira Sorvino
Teleplay: Glen Morgan & Kristen Cloke
Director: Daniel Stamm
Air date: October 10, 2014

Finally, Intruders wrapped up its first season and unsurprisingly it was with more of a fizzle than a bang. What should have been an episode of climaxes and action was just a drawn out blah fest.

Things picked up where we left them with Jack outside of the mystery building standing over Gary’s lifeless body. Gary clearly has a Ziplock bag on his chest that Jack doesn’t even investigate. Some former LAPD wiz kid he is. Quick to move on from his dead friend, Jack races into the building to find out what is going on. He finds Todd Crane bleeding out on the floor and with his help he ends up in the Qui Reverti secret basement. This is where things really start to drag on.

What kills me about Jack is that between Amy, the radio conspiracy guys, Bill Anderson and Gary he really should have pieced together what’s going on yet somehow he looks confused about what exactly is going on in the basement. People come back from the dead, this isn’t shocking at this point. There is a whole library full of Number 9 books belonging to all sorts of famous people. That’s great but at the same time a little bit of a tease. I mean, let’s be honest the show would have been way cooler if the little girl was sharing her body with Ronald Regan.

Also in the basement is Madison/Marcus who is looking to find his body which the Reverti buried alive behind the basement walls. The slightly mummified corpse was a little creepy, but Marcus was actually pretty cool talking to Jack about what had happened. I still don’t get why Richard helped Marcus come back though, why not just let him die? Assumedly he had already paid him, right?

Jack finally tracks down Rose/Amy who is in the process of burying Cranfield in the basement with the rest of the Reverti. Jack decides that the best way to get back at them is to set their library on fire and everyone has to get out of the building fast. In the confusion, Amy and Richard get away, Jack takes shots at them that strike Madison/Marcus and she briefly dies.

In a wasted opportunity to get creepy, the show takes Madison and Marcus to the afterlife, which actually looks amazing. Beautiful lake and serene mountains galore and you’d want to leave that for the stress of human life? No, gracias. Anyway, Marcus tells Madison she can’t come back because he’s stronger than she is but surprise, surprise she wins. Reunited with her family, Madison gets her happy ending.

Jack goes to the hospital to make sure Madison is ok/Marcus is actually gone. On the way out a little kid in a wheel chair throws up some gang signs and says the same thing that the guy who Jack killed earlier in the series said about getting revenge. A few things don’t make sense here. For one, it wouldn’t make sense at all that some random street thug would be in with the Reverti. It also wouldn’t make sense that the guy who Jack killed would have come back so soon and it certainly wouldn’t make sense that they would have activated him in such a young kid, especially if they were so sick. Clearly all of that reasoning was way less important than setting up the second season.

The fact that this show could have a second season is easily the scariest thing about it. That’s clearly the plan though as in the last scene of the episode, Richard hands Jack a box of business cards with the number nine on one side and the name ‘Jack Shepherd’ on the back. So Jack is going to go Reverti now? Or is he going to be some kind of double agent, looking to take the organization down from the inside? Hard to say because this is where the book ends. I just find it interesting that the whole theme of the show was that just because we CAN come back doesn’t mean we SHOULD. You’d think after working on that line all season they might have gone introspective with the thought and realized that just because BBC America said they could have a second season doesn’t mean they should.

Rating 5/10

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