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REVIEW: Inhumans S01E08 – And Finally… Black Bolt

Episode: S01E08 – And Finally… Black Bolt
Air Date: 10 November 2017
Executive Producer: Scott Buck, Jeph Loeb, Jim Chory, Stan Lee
Created by: Scott Buck
Starring: Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Ellen Woglom, Iwan Rheon, Sonya Balmores, Henry Ian Cusick, Jamie Grey Hyder, Faleolo Alailima, Liv Hewson, Chad James Buchanan, Sumire, Michael Trotter, Ari Dalbert

Here we are, the first and likely last finale of Marvel’s Inhumans. “And Finally… Black Bolt” makes for a suitable finale for this show. It’s slow. Characters plod from point to point and repeat themselves, even as their world crumbles. It’s awkward. Suddenly NASA is involved again? And it’s cheap. Although we hear more than once that Attilan boasts a population of around fourteen thousand, we see only about twelve to fifty extras standing around at any given time. I wasn’t expecting much from this show, I knew nothing about the property going in; but it was given such a big push by ABC and the premise was so weird that I thought, if it embraced all it could be, it could make for a satisfying watch. Sadly, no, Inhumans never quite got there.

© ABC/Karen Neal

But alright, Maximus has set up a timer on the dome. He must go to the control room and enter his specific code a few times a day or the protective dome goes down and everybody dies. How very Lost. Black Bolt isn’t sure his brother is telling the truth, but Medusa and Crystal don’t take any chances. Off to Earth they go, to convince Louise to convince NASA to find a habitable location for all of Attilan. NASA dude is easily convinced after a little teleporting from Lockjaw and he soon convinces “The Boss” (Oh God, is that Trump?) of the necessity. New home for the Inhumans is set.

Back on the Moon, Gorgon is losing it. He kills Dr. Declan in a fit of pique and after a battle with Maximus’s guards, is thrown in the quiet room with… Karnak! Karnak is shocked, overjoyed, and horrified at his cousin’s condition, but at least Gorgon’s uncontrollable rage is good for something, he kicks and punches his way through the quiet room cell and the cousins are free once more.

Maximus is also losing it. With Declan dead and the terra-genesis crystals mysteriously missing, there is no way for him to go through the procedure again. He grabs his poor fortune teller and demands to know his future. “You’ll be the undisputed king of Attilan,” the boy says and oh… I know where this is heading.

© ABC/Karen Neal

Medusa is desperate to try to break through to her erstwhile admirer. She enlists Auran as her go-between and then begs Maximus to listen. Attilan will be destroyed if he doesn’t secure the dome immediately. Maximus refuses. Medusa offers one terra-genesis crystal for his compliance. He demands the gem. She sighs and throws the crystal to the floor, shattering it. No terra-genesis for Maximus. Maximus is left screaming and alone. Auran has finally left the man to his own devices. Good for you, Auran.

The family meets up again and person after person exclaims over Gorgon and threatens Karnak and come on, guys, the world is ending! As the dome starts to shatter, Crystal takes all fifty of the people of Attilan to Earth. Gorgon tries to run but Karnak convinces him Earth is better than certain death. Medusa turns to Black Bolt and… he won’t leave, not without confronting his brother. So, the royals leave and the brothers, they are left behind.

Black Bolt and Maximus face off. Maximus tells Black Bolt his darkest secret. He forged the letter that led to Black Bolt’s fear and fury that caused him to scream in front of and accidentally kill their parents. Maximus waits for his death. But Black Bolt is, um, slightly more twisted than I’d have expected. Instead of sonically blasting his brother to smithereens, he throws Maximus in the fully stocked bunker.

© ABC/Karen Neal

He locks the door. He blasts the wall of the building down. Then, he leaves for Earth.

Maximus is left trapped and alone. Undisputed king of Attilan, indeed.

As the shield goes down and Attilan is (maybe, sorta) left to whims of space, the people of Attilan and their royals are left down on Earth, looking up at the moon. Inhumans are here, y’all. It’s time for a new future.

And with that, we say goodbye to Marvel’s Inhumans. You were certainly unique, show. Maybe we’ll see you again.

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