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REVIEW: The Gifted S01E04 – eXit Strategy

Episode: S01E04 – eXit Strategy
Air Date: 23 October 2017
Executive Producer: Matt Nix, Stan Lee
Created by: Matt Nix
Starring: Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Sean Teale, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Coby Bell, Jamie Chung, Blair Redford, Emma Dumont, Sharon Gless, Jeffrey Nordling, Elena Satine, Zach Roerig, Jermaine Rivers, Michelle Veintimilla

You guys, The Gifted is a good show. It is a good show. “eXit Strategy” is all about freeing Lorna and Reed from a military transport convoy. Forty-five minutes of, “They’re being moved! How do we free them?”, “We hit the convoy!” “We’re hitting the convoy now!” and I was all in. The episode managed to get all our main characters involved, introduce new characters with mysterious motivations and backgrounds, and move the plot forward with a real sense of urgency. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching another superhero show with no real handle on how to do these things, but man, I think The Gifted is a good show.

© Eliza Morse/FOX

The episode opens on another flashback. John and previously unknown characters Henry (Jermaine Rivers) and Pulse (Zach Roerig) are attempting to free friends from a “mutant relocation facility” and are failing. Pulse goes down in a hail of gunfire and John is left screaming. Now, in the present, John, Henry, and other veterans are nervous when they find out Lorna and Reed are to be transferred to another facility. They can’t exactly go busting in again. Marcos is all in on this but Kate has a better idea; hit the military transport convoy. Always thinking on her feet, is Kate. I like her.

Everybody else agrees. Clarice says she’ll open a portal to get them all out at the end. John is concerned and confronts Dreamer. Clarice is still so willing, has Dreamer told her the truth about “her” memories? Dreamer reluctantly says no, but that she’d willingly do it again. Anything to save John and their missions. Oh, Dreamer. This is a rocky slope.

While Dreamer and John argue, and Clarice is plagued with Dreamer’s memories of John, Marcos is out to tangle with his own past relationships. In particular, he’s out to see Carmen (Michelle Veintimilla), the woman he left for Lorna, and now, the head of her father’s drug smuggling operation and the club used as a front. Carmen is delighted to see Marcos. Have a drink, Marcos! Flirt with me, Marcos! Use your solar light powers to torture a drug thief before I give the military transport convoy’s timetable, Marcos! Marcos returns to the safe house with the timetable and the newly-made promise to help Carmen with her torture needs whenever she asks. Wonderful.

© Eliza Morse/FOX

The group has until the next morning to get everything set. That’s good, because they still don’t know how they’ll stop the armored van without making it obvious that mutants did it. Lauren has ideas. Her brother can aim his anger explosions at the van and she can focus his energy with her power. Andy is resistant, but they practice and find they make a solid team. Kate is also resistant, but Lauren makes a persuasive speech about making the right kind of risks, and Kate is in, reluctantly.

The day of transport begins. Reed and Lorna are in the van and in an uneasy detente. He’s apologized for being the bad guy until his kids were revealed to be mutants, and Lorna does not accept his apology, but they’ll work together if necessary. Good thing they’ve agreed to this, because the mutant attack outside isn’t exactly going to plan. Andy took too long to fire off his powers and now the armored van is off the hit location. Marcos, Dreamer, and Henry (who can go invisible!) start their attack anyway, Marcos promising he won’t leave without Lorna. But things are about to get harder. Sentinel Services dude, Jace, is quick to realize the van’s blown tire is the start of an attack and orders defenses up.

© Eliza Morse/FOX

John and Clarice are, very awkwardly, waiting on the second floor of an abandoned building nearby. Clarice goes to open a portal and… nothing. Invisible Henry takes off running to free Lorna and Reed from the van when… he’s visible once more. And then he’s hit. Marcos can’t get his light to work. John sees a suspiciously familiar glowy-eyed fellow in SS gear. Oh crap. SS has Pulse on their side and he’s put a damper on all other mutant powers in his radius. He isn’t dead! But John knows he has to take him down and takes off running.

Inside the van, Reed and Lorna are doing their best to battle the guards. Without her powers, Lorna has resorted to kicking and punching and it isn’t long before they’re both beaten to the floor. Outside the van, John is trying his best to get Pulse to recognize him as a friend, but the man seems empty. John finally knocks him out and, in that moment, notices a strange tattoo on Pulse’s wrist. At least everybody’s powers are back!

© Eliza Morse/FOX

Clarice manages to open a portal and Dreamer pulls Henry through. Lorna wants to fight but there’s no metal in the van. Take the screw out of my leg, says Reed. Holy crap, says I. Lorna does take the screw out of Reed’s leg and, in minutes, she’s taken out all the guards, blasted through the van’s doors and yanked all the guns from the hands of the SS dudes. Yay, Lorna!

Lorna and Marcos embrace. Kate pulls up in a stolen van. (Love you, Kate.) Everybody jumps in the van. Kate and Reed are overjoyed at the sight of one another. Kate hits the gas and peels out of there, leaving the SS guys gunless and without most of their vehicles.

Jace is PISSED.

And that’s the episode! Wasn’t it great? I can’t wait to watch the next one!

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