Posted October 22, 2012 by Jo Lewis in Comics

PREVIEW: Deadbeats

Deadbeats, a graphic novel, written by Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer, illustrated by INJ Culbard (award winning graphic novelist who adapted Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness and is currently providing artwork for The New Deadwardians), transports the reader to 1920s Chicago, in what is being described as a “creepy adventure like no another” involving jazz, jalopies and tentacles.

“On the run from the mob, a trio of 1920s Chicago jazz musicians take a job from an elderly reverend, playing for what they think is his wife’s funeral in the backwoods of Illinois. Unfortunately, the funeral turns out to be an elaborate cult ritual to raise the spirit of an evil sorcerer. With monsters, moonshiners and the mob on their tail, Lester and his friends must draw upon their various talents to stop the evil sorcerer, save the townspeople and escape with their lives.”

It’ll pay homage to the master of horror fiction HP Lovecraft – Chris and Chad host the popular HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast discussing a story a week – “what it’s about, how it reads…what other works of art it has influenced”.

Here’s a sneak peek.

All images courtesy of © Self Made Hero.

Deadbeats is released next month.

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