Posted November 27, 2012 by Jo Lewis in Comics

PREVIEW: Bedlam #2

Last month, Mark chose Bedlam #1 as his ‘Comic of the Week’.

This month we’re delighted to bring you an incredibly creepy six page preview of Bedlam #2 – a “dark and twisted psychological thriller” written by Nick Spencer (Thief of Thieves) with artwork by Riley Rossmo (Rebel Blood) and another fantastic cover by Frazer Irving (Seven Soldiers).

Fillmore Press aka Madder Red, a “homicidal maniac and criminal overlord”, terrorized the town of Bedlam for years. Then he got better and this is what happened next.

I’d really enjoyed Rossmo’s character design in the first issue and when combined with Spencer’s snappy prose, this was worthy of the ‘Comic of the Week’ mantle.

Bedlam #2 is scheduled for release Wednesday November 28 and is published by Image Comics.

Courtesy of Image Comics.

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