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World of Webcomic’s Top 10 Webcomics of 2013

So every month, thousands of us march out to our favorite comic shops and plop down 20-30+ bones for a buncha groovy comics. The one thing many of us never consider though, are the thousands of great, free comics just living on...

World of Webcomics: Boston Metaphysical Society launches Kickstarter project

Madeleine Holly-Rosing and Emily Hu’s Steampunk webcomic Boston Metaphysical Society launched a Kickstarter project last month. The creators are looking to reach a $25000 goal by November 15th to help fund the final 3 issues of...


World of Web Comics – Interview with The Graveyard Gang’s Rich Clabaugh

Welcome to the return of World of Web Comics – the regular(ish) column bringing you reviews, news, interviews all about web comics. In today’s column I bring you an interview with the very talented Rich Clabaugh, creator of The...

Indie Spotlight: Reilly Brown on Power Play

Following on from our last Indie Spotlight where we looked at a comic which is available in both digital and traditional paper form; Geeks Unleashed got a chance to look at an exclusively digital comic. There are no paper copie...


Indie Spotlight: Jimmy Palmiotti on FORAGER.

Today on Indie Spotlight we are pleased to once again talk with Jimmy Palmiotti.  Jimmy is a master comic book writer and artist with pages and pages of credits.  One of his biggest accomplishments are four successful...

Indie Spotlight: Marty Langford on the Fantastic Four, Unreleased Movies, and Doomed!

Before the modern age of comic book movies there was a dirty little secret of a film.  The Fantastic Four movie was filmed in 1994 with the purpose of… never being released?  Strange as it may sound, that is only the ...