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NYCC 2017: Marvel Northrop Grumman Joint Partnership Event Abruptly Cancelled


Comic giant Marvel appears to have forgotten they are an actual company that exists in the real world. In a very Tony Stark-esque move, on Friday, October 6th, Marvel made an announcement via Twitter that they were going to be joining forces with an actual global securities firm that is in the business of selling weapons and weapon systems to governments and corporate entities alike.

Prior to the start of New York Comic Con, Marvel pulled all of its Punisher events from the schedule in the wake to the Las Vegas tragedy where nearly 500 people were injured and at least 59 were killed when a white man opened fire into a crowd of concert goers. Reasonable fans understood the need to exercise such a bold removal of content, but that pales in comparison to the idea of teaming up with a real weapon’s manufacturer.

The Northrop Grumman event was announced on Friday at 10am, and the event was to take place the following day at 3pm. However, after immediate backlash from fans and industry insiders, Marvel had announced the event was cancelled by 11pm Friday evening. Later in the day on Friday, an all ages comic cover surfaced as alleged proof of what this partnership was to accomplish.

The cover features The Avengers with another group of people called N.G.E.N. — Northrop Grumman Elite Nexus — and the tagline, “Start your N.G.E.N.S.! Part 1.” Also listed on the cover are writers Fabian Nicieza, Brian Wood, and artist Jo Chen.

Since the event was cancelled, Marvel has pulled all mention of the team up from their official website, and not other information has been released. It’s possible the team up was to showcase some awesome innovation that brings humanity one step closer to a real life Iron Man, but even if the intentions were good, a partnership like this at a time like this is just poor optics.

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Via Business Insider

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