Posted October 8, 2017 by Jasmin in Comic-Con

NYCC 2017: Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will Crossover

This is not a drill! Saturday’s New York Comic Con panel confirmed what have only been hopes and rumors. Yes, it’s official — The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are slated for a crossover event.

Robert Kirkman, creator of both hit series, is excited this is finally happening, but in true AMC style, he’s very mum about the details. “One character from one show will appear on another show,” was all he’d say about what fans can expect with the epic crossover.

After the panel, AMC’s official The Walking Dead account tweeted out this photo.

If Kirkman isn’t just joking, who do you think the one character that bridges the two series will be? There’s a lot of ground to cover between Los Angeles and the outskirts of Atlanta.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead returns October 22nd as all roads lead to “All Out War” between the factions. This upcoming season will also include the series’ 100th episode, a huge milestone for the show.

The two hour season 3 finale of Fear The Walking Dead airs on AMC October 15th.

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