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DMG Entertainment acquire Valiant Comics

Everybody’s favourite comics universe is getting pushed harder in to TV and film.

With NinjakHarbinger, Bloodshot, Dr Mirage and Quantum and Woody all in various stages of cinematic and televisual development Valiant has a new direction in that area.

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DMG Entertainment has acquired Valiant after previously holding 57% of the third largest comic book company. DMG Entertainment is perhaps best known for its co-producing of Looper and Iron Man 3.

DMG ran by CEO and co-founder Dan Mintz explained the decision to fully own Valiant as one that “[…] is about taking it to the next level.” Mintz went on to explain specifically this is about growing outside comics publishing “I am not looking on expanding from a publishing standpoint but from a motion picture standpoint.”

With a library of 2,000 characters Valiant can compete with Marvel and DC in the television and film markets. Originally founded in 1989 and resurrected in 2012 it looks like Dinesh Shamdasani who helped bring Valiant back and was CEO will be leaving the company.

© Valiant Entertainment | DMG Entertainment

Fans of Valiant comics need not worry as this seems to be more about expanding Valiant universe in to movies and tv and not changing the direction of the writers and artists currently doing good work.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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