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Comic of the Week – 08.10.2014 – Batgirl #35

WRITTEN BY: Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher
ART BY: Babs Tarr
COVER BY: Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart, Kevin Nowlan
RELEASE DATE: 8th October 2014

Over the years I’ve dabbled with Babs. First off was when the Joker shot her in Batman: The Killing Joke (Alan Moore, Brian Bolland) and paralyzed her which led to her becoming the hacker Oracle and one of the main cast of Birds of Prey. I picked up the odd issue of Birds of Prey before the New 52 reboot and enjoyed them. Then when DC Comics launched the New 52 in 2011 I picked up probably the first 15 issues of both Batgirl and Birds of Prey and really enjoyed them but unfortunately they became victims of my very large Pull List and had to be dropped however that’s been something I’ve really regretted as Barbara Gordon is a character I really enjoy reading and equally Gail Simone is a writer whose work I am fond of so when I heard of the new creative team coming to the title I hoped that this wasn’t the result of DC Comics firing her again but from all accounts the creative changes were all amicable.

The story is called “Burned” which is a play on the new part of Gotham that Barbara has moved to – Burnside. Burnside is the cool part of Gotham which is where Barbara is studying, so it makes sense she would move there but this also creates a way to close doors on previous story lines and characters such as Alysia (her previous flatmate) who made an appearance on the first page and sent Barbara an email later in the issue and I imagine that she won’t have much of anything else going forward.

The move to another part of town, the introduction of new flatmates is a clean way to bring in the new creative team and their take on Barbara Gordon and  in summary this is  Gossip Girl with capes. Now don’t be put off by that summary – I loved Gossip Girl. I’m a bit of a sucker for those teen dramas and I’ve expressed before that there’s not enough of that type of thing in comics and although I’ve read the odd thing in comics that I’ve enjoyed (Runaways was exceptional) others have felt clichéd and unrealistic. Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher and Babs Tarr do a good job of changing the tone of the book from gritty to Gossip Girl and have built themselves a fresh part of the DCU that I’d like to spend more time exploring from the cool coffee hangout to trashed post-party apartment.

The writing duo of Stewart and Fletcher put a lot into one issue, new characters, new part of the city, possible love interest, a bit of super heroing, a new villain and even managed to put their take on social media and technology into the issue with even a guest appearance by Black Canary. I felt for one issue that a lot was crammed in which made the book much more enjoyable.

Probably my favourite part of the book was the new art team especially the new costume. The new costume was something that struck me months before when the new creative team was announced and could even be the main reason I picked this up. I love the tone of the book from the colourful artwork to the upbeat nature of the book.

This weeks Comic of the Week is Batgirl #35.

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