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Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer Revealed


It’s all hands on deck in the jam packed first trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War trailer that just dropped. The two and a half minute trailer manages to squeeze nearly all of the 60+ characters from the film in at some point. After several leaks and a lengthy wait, the highly anticipated film trailer delivers a lot of action without spoiling too much.

While there’s no real tease of the plot other than everyone vs Thanos, the trailer does paint some of our beloved MCU heroes in an ominous light. Things don’t look so hot for the man whose solo series kicked off the entire universe — Tony Stark. “Nomad” Captain America isn’t looking like his real American hero self either. Thor and Bruce Banner seem to be having a rough go as well. Since Comic-Con back in July, director Joe Russo has been nudging fans to prepare for someone (or several someones) to not be coming back after this film.

Without digging through actor contract agreements and terms, it’s safe to assume that one of the big guys will be making his last stand against The Mad Titan. Other notables about the trailer include Spider-Man’s upgraded suit and the true melding of all the Marvel MCU realms coming together for one massive showdown. From Wakanda to the far reaches of the galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War pulls no punches in displaying the breadth of Thanos’ reach in his quest for dominance.

Though it has been talked about at length, it is quite a sight to see so many familiar faces sharing screen time. The scope of the film is even more massive than we’d realized, and the fallout — win or lose — will be devastating and pivotal for this next phase of the MCU. And with the talks of Disney trying to acquire Fox rumored to be back on the table, one can only imagine what this franchise has in store in the next decade.

Avengers: Infinity War makes its way into theaters in May 2018.

Via: Marvel

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