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The Friday Fiver: Top Five Underrated Anime Series

There’s a tonne of anime out there. It’s one of the most popular genres about, which is understandable given the monstrous amount of great anime like, Afro Samurai and Cowboy Bebop. However, there are a select few series that don’t get the credit they’re due, so here they are, the five most underrated anime series…

countFive: The Count of Monte Cristo

This futuristic anime adaptation of Alexandre Dumas critically acclaimed classic of the same name made its debut in 2004 and only lasted a mere 24 episodes, but I can scarcely emphasise how good this series really is.

Director, Mahiro Maeda succeeds at brilliantly following the novels mood and atmosphere whilst shining a fresh light onto the story and setting (Paris, 5053). The arts team approached the series with a revolutionary style of animating which uses 2D texturing to a monumental level combined with an insane colour pallet. It really is beautiful crafted and beautiful to watch.

I can’t praise the show enough, there is an amazing amount of depth given to the counts character during the 24 episodes. It’s a brilliant series worth the time of any anime fan.

Four: Texhnolyzetex

I have to admit, I only picked this series up this year (10 years after it’s release) but it truly is an anime marvel. It’s set in an underground society where our protagonist, Ichise loses a leg and an arm. While on the brink of death he is saved by a young woman doctor who uses him as guinea pig for the next evolution of Texhnolyze. After regaining his limbs, Ichise  participates in an escalating war and realises his destiny.

I know the series sounds like a lot to take it and that should just highlight exactly how much time and care has been taken over developing the story alone. It experiments with loads of different dramatic angles, fight sequences and music which surprisingly works and suits the show perfectly.

What I find most amazing about it however, is how thought-provoking the series actually is. The questions you come away asking are on par with any highly rated drama. It really is worth watching!

chevalier01Three: Le chevalier D’Eon

Another series set in France, this time in the year 1742 where Louise XV is still king of France. After D’Eon’s sister is found dead, D’Eon begins investigating a string of murders, but as he is tracking down the killer, he discovers that there’s a supernatural evil that lurks in the darkness.

I’m a sucker for series that reimagine the past, the historical elements and fantasy are just beautifully combined to create a series that, through and through, entertains. It’s a great mystery that works on every level, don’t miss it.

Two: Paranoia Agentparanoia_agent02

How can anyone not like this? A boy with a golden baseball bat is bludgeoning seemingly unconnected citizens where we then learn, the victims lives are improving as a result. It’s a story that caught my eyes and ears from the get go.

Set in Tokyo, it really is a series for mature audiences. It shows psychological disorders and various, often scary dysfunctionalities in a very raw manner. That’s one thing I like about Paranoia Agent, it isn’t scared to show very real horrors. Often director, Satoshi Kon delves into the character heads and your own, meshing reality and fiction. It’s amazingly done.

It’s got oodles of depth, it’s dark and surprisingly deep. If you’re not too scared a psychological horrors, give it a watch!

Gilgamesh CoverOne: Gilgamesh

Set in the future, like so many anime series are, the sky has been changed into a mirror and two teenage children are caught in a struggle between a group of super-powered beings and a mysterious woman’s team of children aiming to stop them.

Now, I know at first it doesn’t sound all too interesting but once you give it a watch, it really does come into its own and will live up to and surpass all expectations you have.

The animation is beautiful and unique, shadowing a noir style and theme throughout. It’s got great fight sequences and isn’t excessive. It’s deep, dark and astoundingly entertaining. Watch it yourself and find out!




Written by Corey John Richards

Corey John Richards

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