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REVIEWED: God is Disappointed in You

REVIEWED returns! And casts its critical eye over

god_is_disappointed_in_you_cover_lgGod is Disappointed in You

By Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler

Published by Top Shelf Productions

Rating: Returned/Resisted/Recommended/Required

Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler take ‘The Good Book’ and turn it into, well, a good book.

After surmising the Book of Job, in which a good man questions God as to why the righteous suffer, for a friend, Russell returned to his Bible and over the course of three years, condensed the moralising into this pleasing volume, God is Disappointed in You, for which Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man) provides art.

Along with the Qur’an, The Communist Manifesto (a childhood favourite of mine) and Quotations from Chairman Mao (not so much), the Bible is reported as one of the most printed and distributed books in the world. In his preface, Russell acknowledges the Bible as possibly “the single most important book in human history” as more than a billion people claim to live in accordance with its teachings.

Never have those teachings been quite so accessible. Despite a Catholic schooling (with added Nuns) and weekly visits to Church, many of these stories were unfamiliar. And bloody. While the words “for the Lord will give you understanding in everything” (2 Timothy 2:7) often rang in the congregations’ ears, it was God is Disappointed in You (and Russell) which conveyed the meaning in the Bible’s words.

The humorous text allowed me to devour the work in days. Russell likens the Bible to a hot dog – no-one really knows what’s in it and, I imagine, most don’t want to. However, God is Disappointed in You made me want to sit down with the Good Book, having been thoroughly primed. Time to see how modern this King James Bible really is.

And whilst God may be disappointed with you, I imagine he’s disgusted with me.

God is Disappointed in You is available from Top Shelf.

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