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REVIEWED: The Walking Dead #113


twd113REVIEWED returns, its critical eye cast upon

The Walking Dead #113

by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

Published by Image Comics

Release date August 14, 2013

Rating: Returned/Resisted/Recommended/Required

The Walking Dead #113 is more ‘edge of your seat’ comics by the masterful Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. How I wish I could share its intricacies with you, however, Wednesday August 14, will soon be upon us and we can converse freely on its release.

I can say the latest issue of Kirkman’s tour de force tortures and delights in equal measure and is possibly the strongest issue since 48. The creator toys with the reader, with the comic’s twists and turns. I picture Kirkman laughing maniacally, as I crawl the walls for more.

Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool suggested that he “couldn’t turn the page fast enough” – a sentiment which I agree with. However, self restraint is required. The scenes between Rick and Negan are rich and racked with tension (a conclusion Chris drew in his review of the previous issue). And my anxiety was through the roof as I observed Andrea in her watchtower.

In terms of plot progression, very little happens. This is a Kirkman trait, what he’s best at, ‘the calm before the storm’. It makes for an exceptional issue, of an incredible series, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in the coming months (issue 115 will ship with 12 covers). As the pendulum swings from one camp to the other, my heart rate escalated from resting to maximum in minutes. The final page is another TWD stalwart moment, akin to that in issue 24.

I do not expect resolution next month – I predict Kirkman will shift focus to ‘What Jesus Did’, toying with us further. And although I am prepared, I imagine I’ll be tortured once more.

Kudos to the creative team and long live The Walking Dead.

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