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REVIEWED: We Can Fix It!


REVIEWED returns, this week casting its critical eye over

We Can Fix It! A Time Travel Memoir

By Jess Fink

Published by Top Shelf Productions

Rating: Returned/Resisted/Recommended/Required

In a recent episode of the Slate Culture Gabfest, a piece by John Tierny was discussed. He’d argued in the New York Times that nostalgia (in small doses) is good for you. Initially thought of as a “neurological disease”, it has since been shown that nostalgia can “counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety”.

While nostalgic, Jess Fink’s We Can Fix it! A Time Travel Memoir, published by Top Self, never falls foul of narcissism. The chronicle is humorous and poignant. Armed with a time travel machine and a killer jumpsuit, all clichés are eschewed, as the traveller dispenses wisdom to her younger self on college, drugs and blowjobs.

Witty comebacks to high school insults and make out sessions with her younger self make the volume readily identifiable. You can’t help but be charmed by Fink’s reminiscing and cartooning. As our traveller revisits her former self, time and time again, averting the mistakes of her past, providing a shoulder to cry on or offering a make out session, you can’t help but laugh and/or cry.

Fink then expands on the premise and philosophises on the nature of memories – are they trustworthy? Are we adequate arbiters of our consciousness? Do we shun the good times and recall the bad, casting long dark shadows upon our past? I certainly can trust my recent memory in this instance – We Can Fix It! is definitely worth your time (and money) and is good for you, if John Tierny is to be believed.

Jess Fink’s We Can Fix it! A Time Travel Memoir is another stunning addition to the Top Shelf directory.

You can check out Jess Fink’s webcomic Chester 5000 XYV here.

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