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The Friday Fiver: Five Things We’d Like To See In Luther?

Vanessa Martins writes for Geeks Unleashed: 

After two long years of waiting the fans of the British crime drama Luther, will finally be compensated with four new episodes of the series. Next Tuesday, 2 July, DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) comes back to solve new cases on the third season and we can stop wishing and hoping and wondering what will happen.

While warming up and building your expectations to the new stories, have you asked yourself what would you like to see in the new season? We have… Check out five things we’d love to see in the new episodes.

5) Alice back

Luther’s maniac friend (Ruth Wilson), and an intriguing side character that certainly adds a good kick to the series, hasn’t been seen much in the second season. It was interesting to watch her relationship with our hero develop through the first episodes, but she’s been put aside in order to give space to other characters. It would be good to know a bit more about her, her story and even, maybe, have her around new situations to shoot the bad guys with a double barrel.




4) A new partner for John

John often puts himself in situations of great risk – if not completely suicidal. Those events were less often when Zoe was the object of his love and affection (after his career, we must admit). However, what would happen if he met someone that he loved as much as he loves his job? Someone that needed him as bad as the victims… Would Luther’s actions change or he would continue to take as many risks as he does?

Resident Evil's Sienna Guillory (Jill Valentine) to play Mary Day. Will she be the new woman in Luthers life? © Sony

Resident Evil’s Sienna Guillory (Jill Valentine) to play Mary Day. Will she be the new woman in Luthers life? © Sony

3) Luther’s choice

Is there a limit to John Luther or he will always be after those who have done something bad and try to get away with it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want to see Luther’s world burn, but I’m intrigued by how far would he go to help people and keep them safe. Maybe I shouldn’t have any doubts after seen him put his life on the line so many times just to catch the suspect. But if there is a limit, what would that be? 

2) Mood changes

In the first episodes of the series John is presented as someone with a bad temper, usually smashing doors or windows. With time, he becomes more and more controlled, keeping the Hulk asleep. The character has been developing a lot, but, have you imagined that beast awaken again? I’d like to see what could take John out of the line, what kind of situations he could be put in and just not keep calm.

1) New villains

One of the most interesting things about the series is its characters. Most of them are deep, well-constructed and with the right dose of damage. The villains, in particular, are an especial part of the whole plot. Until now we’ve been presented to different kinds of freaks, but none of them have been a real challenge to our hero. With a Dr. House geniality, John has been able to crack most of the cases quite ‘easily’ and none real ‘arch-enemy’ has appeared yet. In the second season John was even put in two different challenges at the same time and he handled both quite well. It would be very interesting to see a greater villain coming up.

The teasers and interviews promise an ‘arch-enemy’ and a possible romance for our hero. Even so, until Tuesday we can only wait and hope for our wishes to come true.

Luther Returns in the UK on 2nd July at 9pm and September 3rd at 10pm on BBC America. 

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