Geeks Unleashed will be closing its doors...

Whatever time you end up reading this, just know that I’ve spent a few months thinking about this topic. It’s been a very hard decision to make.


After almost three years on the Internet highway, GU has reached the end of the road. A lot of time and energy has been put into this site by myself and everyone that’s been involved in GU, for which I’m very grateful. And a big THANK YOU to all of our visitors, readers, regulars, contributors, commenters, and followers that we’ve picked up over the years.


GU has come to an end, but this is not the last you will hear from us! Things are still churning behind-the-scenes and we’re expecting to be back with a new format in October.


Again, thank you for choosing to spend your time digesting our content. We hope you’ll stick around and be part of the next journey with us! Sign-up below to receive email notifications about our re-launch. No spam, we swear!

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