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GU’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Comic Book Titles of 2013

After hearing our top twenty comic titles of 2012, we wanted to give you all a breather before bringing you Geeks Unleashed’s most anticipated comics of 2013. Now that the holiday season is a distant memory Stephen, Jo and Chris sat down at Geeks Unleashed’s HQ to discuss and this is our top ten:

10.) Title: Uncanny X-Men 

Script: Brian Michael Bendis

Art: Chris Bachalo

Publisher: Marvel

Release Date: February 13, 2013

Uncanny X-Men #1, courtesy of Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Men #1 © 2013 Marvel Comics


Writer Brian Michael Bendis (All New X-Men, Daredevil: End of Days) and artist Chris Bachalo (Wolverine and the X-Men, A+X) have teamed together for the Marvel Now! relaunch of Uncanny X-Men. The series resurrects itself after writer Kieron Gillen wrapped up his run on the previous Uncanny series in October of last year. So what can we expect from Bendis and Bachalo for this title? The focus of the book will target Cyclops and his Extinction team of Magneto, Magik, and Emma Frost as they struggle to find their new identities post-Dark Phoenix. Whereas All New X-Men is currently exploring its story with a young Cyclops of the past, Uncanny X-Men will focus on Cyclops of now. All New X-Men has set the stage for what should be a dark new era for Cyclops and his team, with freshly introduced characters and new costume designs. Oh, and it appears Emma is single–maybe I finally have a shot!




9.) Title: Pretty Deadly

Script: Kelly Sue Deconnick

Art: Emma Rios

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: To be confirmed

Pretty Deadly, courtesy of Image Comics

Pretty Deadly © 2013 Image Comics

After experiencing a successful year in 2012 with ongoing titles such as Saga, Thief of Thieves and Fatale–to name a few–Image Comics expects to continue their path of creating some of  the hottest books in the comic industry. At last summer’s Comic-Con International held in San Diego, Image announced its plan to release Pretty Deadly in 2013, written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and drawn by Emma Rios. The Western title will feature a female deadly assassin with a scarred face in competition for a prize of some sort. Doconnick, at the San Diego event, said Pretty Deadly will be about, “the beauty and what we embrace about it, and the destruction […] How pretentious is that?” The cover of the title is intriguing enough, and with Image allowing their creators much needed flexibility, this book has the potential to be a surprise hit.



8.) Title: Jupiter’s Legacy

Script: Mark Millar

Art: Frank Quietly

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: April 24, 2013

Jupiter's Legacy © 2013 Image Comics

Jupiter’s Legacy © 2013 Image Comics



Mark Millar has sparked readers’ interest once again with last year’s Super Crooks mini-series and the currently running Secret Service mini-series. Hoping to add to his popular titles, Image Comics will be releasing Jupiter’s Legacy in April, formally titled Jupiter’s Children, with Frank Quietly (Batman and Robin) providing the artwork. Jupiter’s Legacy will feature spoiled-brat, slacker-young adults of once-great superheroes trying to make their mark in a world that adores their parents. Their parents discovered their powers on a mysterious island during the 1920s, and have since left their offspring with some big shoes to fill. Set in L.A., these kids make your 25 year-old cousin living in your basement look motivated!




7.) Title: Sex

Script: Joe Casey

Art: Piotr Kowalski

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: March 6, 2013

Sex #1, courtesy of Image Comics

Sex #1 © 2013 Image Comics


What do you do when you’re a retired superhero with nothing to do? Donate your time to the local food shelter? Mentor troubled youth at the YMCA? Drop by the local elementary school to give a motivational speech to 7 year-olds on Career Day? Well, those all sound like good ideas, but for former superhero Simon Cooke, it’s time to let loose among a gritty city underworld. Writer Joe Casey and Polish artist Piotr Kowalski team up to bring us Sex, a series about the lonely Cooke who tries to adapt to life in a normal society, post-hero days. Not only does Cooke struggle to integrate in a big city, but his former foes also find themselves lost without the option of tormenting their former caped-hero. Casey promises to deliver a dark and powerful story.





6.) Title:  Sandman

Script: Neil Gaiman

Art: JH Williams III

Publisher: Vertigo

Release: Summer 2013


Sandman © 2013 Vertigo Comics

Very little surprises me these days, as life as made me somewhat cynical. However, I was not only flabbergasted by the announcement at SDCC 2012 that Neil Gaiman would return to Sandman, I was excited.

One must change or die, a lesson we all learn, as did Dream in the Sandman, a character driven , horror tinged  fantasy epic which aided comics establishment as a ‘serious’ literary genre. It was one of the few graphic novels to crack the New York Times Best Seller list (along with Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns).

Published under DC’s Vertigo imprint, the new Sandman miniseries, which will be drawn by none other than J.H. Williams (see Batwoman for a beautiful example of his work), will apparently focus on and “untold” story, one which has been percolating for years in Gaiman’s delightful consciousness which has brought forth wonderful prose over the years including personal favourite Anansi Boys and The Graveyard Book.

Following the successful (cough, cough) revival of Watchmen, Alan Moore’s mutterings, J. Michael Straczynski and Brian Azzarello aside, the Sandman tale will mark the series 25th anniversary.

Dare to dream.

5.) Title: The Wake

Script: Scott Snyder

Art: Sean Murphy

Publisher: Vertigo

Release Date: To be confirmed

The Wake © 2013 Vertigo Comics

The Wake © 2013 Vertigo Comics


When this title was announced at last years NYCC I knew I would be buying it. Snyder is one of the best writers working in comic books at the moment and he seems to just get better with every comic he writes. Throw in art by Punk Rock Jesus creator Sean Murphy and it is a sealed deal. The Wake, published by Vertigo, is billed as an underwater sci-fi epic like no other. It focuses on a terrifying discovery at the bottom of the ocean which will reveal a secret mythology.

Snyder has said that it is one of the most ambitious stories he has ever attempted. Given his astonishing ambition of his run on Batman this is an exciting claim. Mixing horror and sci-fi elements together doesn’t always work but I’m sure in Snyder’s hands it will be a success.





4.) Title: Trillium

Script: Jeff Lemire

Art: Jeff Lemire

Publisher: Vertigo

Release Date: To be confirmed

Trillium © 2013 Vertigo Comics

Trillium © 2013 Vertigo Comics

Sci-fi has been massive in comics in 2012 and it looks set to continue to be a huge element of a lot of titles this year. As well as The Wake, and Jupiter’s Legacy, we can also look forward to Jeff Lemire’s Trillium. Announced at last years NYCC Trillium is described as the last love story ever told. Written and illustrated by Lemire, this limited series has all the hallmarks of another creative triumph, following titles such as Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder, and his work on DC’s Animal Man.

Taking his fascination with World War I and turn-of-the century exploration and combining this with a sci-fi love story epic, Trillium sounds like it will be one of the most intelligent and thought-provoking comic books on the shelves in 2013. The preview art that Lemire has released so far looks absolutely beautiful and I’ve no doubt that Trillium will be one of the best-looking comic books on the shelves in 2013 too.



3.) Title: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Nemo: Heart of Ice

Script: Alan Moore

Art: Kevin O’Neill

Publisher: Top Shelf and Knockabout

Release Date:  February 2013


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen–Nemo: Heart of Ice © 2013 Top Shelf and Knockabout Comics


Come February, a new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen tale will arrive, Nemo: Heart of Ice, a 56 page adventure by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill.

Set in 1925, 15 years since Janni Dakkar first tried to escape the legacy of her dying science-pirate father, only to accept her destiny as the new Nemo, captain of the Nautilus. And following years of plunder and destruction, Janni launches an expedition to eclipse her father: the exploration of Antarctica. However, there are many an investor on her trail in a race to the bottom of the world.

We’re promised a heavy mix of Jules Verne meets HP Lovecraft. I can’t wait!

Come March, consider braving the elements with the Geeks Unleashed crew at Gosh Comics for a signing with the creators.






2.) Title: Legend of the Shadow Clan

Script: David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven

Art: Cory Smith

Publisher: Aspen Comics

Release Date: February 6, 2013

Legend of the Shadow Clan

Legend of the Shadow Clan © 2013 Aspen Comics

Aspen Comics is set to kick off their “10 for 10″ initiative this February with the debut issue of Legend of the Shadow Clan. On the surface, the Arashis  are a typical middle-class family, but their lineage holds many dark secrets ready to be revealed. Their ancestors were a prominent Japanese ninja clan, but were banished from their home after their employer had been mysteriously murdered. Now many centuries have passed, and the Arashi line of descendants have found their way to modern day America, where burgers and ipads dominate everyday life. Ancient foes have risen from the shadows, searching to destroy all Arashi offspring. As part of Aspen’s “10 for 10″ Initiative, they will be releasing a new series for ten consecutive months, with the very nice price of one dollar. Hey, for a buck, I’ll forego my daily snackwrap for what has a lot of potential to be a great story.


1.) Title: Lazarus

Script: Greg Rucka

Art: Michael Lark

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: Spring 2013

Lazarus © Image Comics

Lazarus © 2013 Image Comics


Writer Greg Rucka (Punisher vol.8, Wolverine vol.3) and artist Michael Lark (Daredevil vol.2, Legend of the Hawkman)  team up once again after achieving Eisner award-winning success with the 2003 DC Comics’ Gotham Central series to bring us Lazarus–a sci-fi story about a genetically-modified woman by the name of Endeavor Carlyle, whose task it is to keep her privileged family safe from the poor folk of a near-future dystopian society. Due to the strain of economic hardships, society has crumbled, resulting in an even greater gap between the haves and the have-nots. Carlyle is the youngest of her family, and as serving as Lazarus, her obligation is to protect her family by acting as chief intelligence and sworn lethal guardian, but there just might be some family secrets that might force her to question their motives. At last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con International, Rucka described his story as “The Godfather meets the Children of Men.” Lazarus will be released by Image Comics this spring as a new ongoing title.


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